Every Dog Has His Day

Project Overview

In our house, probably like most, we have an odd assortment of animals that make our house their house. Among them is our dog, Barney. Our family dog is a colossus of a dog (though it is obvious he has no concept of this). Barney is one of those silently patient, eagerly accommodating, Heinz 57 fellas who is good with doing ‘whatever’ as long as at the end of it there might be a good chin scratch or maybe a treat. So, imagine my shock when one day while speaking with a good friend about a yard sale she’d gone to, she replies that her dog is the smartest being in her household.

I asked her to elaborate, because of course, you can’t just say something like that and then not follow it up. Am I right?

“Well, I actually wrote down a top ten reasons list,” she replies.

“A what?”

“Yeah. The top 10 reasons why my dog is the smartest guy in the house.”

I settled in for a good listen as she continued.

“Like, number one, he doesn’t leave the seat up when he goes to the restroom.”

“Yeah, I could see that.”