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Need a leg up on your writing? Curious about how to become a writer? Or maybe you are a published writer, or a new author looking to find some good tidbits or savvy insider information about the publishing world. You’ve come to the right place!


Maybe you have an idea for the next great novel to rival Stephen King, or steamy enough to do even Danielle Steele justice. Or maybe not. Having a great idea is….well…just that….and idea, unless you get it down on paper. But pinning down an idea, or having any idea of where to start can be daunting when you first begin. That’s why having a mentor every step of the way is instrumental toward making your story grow faster, stronger, and stand tall among other books on the market. In this writing section you can find information and advice that I’ve learned over my 30 plus years in the writing and publishing world. Everything from plotting your novel, writing memorable characters, editing and revising your manuscript, and how to fix common problems with a manuscript. Give your story legs to walk, and wings to fly, and feel free to ask questions. We’re here to help.
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Should you self-publish your book, or find an agent with a traditional book publisher? Ebook or traditional book? Digial release and hardcover? What size book should I have? How many self-published books should I order, and who does a great job publishing books for authors? The questions are endless, but luckily I’ve been there and done that for many clients over the years, and I can help you navigate through the waters of the self-published, or figure out how to select an agent that will be a good fit and represent your book as it should be. In this section of my blog you’ll find information on topics pertaining to book publishing, from self-publication, to finding an agent to promote you to the ‘big boys’ in the publishing world.
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Book Marketing

One of the largest realities where book marketing for new authors is concerned is that you will have to do a lot of it…on your own, without much funding, or assistance. That’s true even if you have landed a nice gig with a publisher who has paid you an advance.Luckily, there are SO many things you can do to promote your book that don’t require a lot of money….just time and energy. And, of course, if you want to jump off the deep end and hire a PR firm or a publicists, I’ll show you how to find one that won’t make you regret the decision. It will take a combination of strategies and techniques to reach your audience, and if you don’t know where to start, your book marketing efforts will limp along. In this section of All Inked Up I offer you an insider’s view of how to get your book out there on a shoestring budget, and do very, very well. How do I know this? I’ve done it.
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