About Us

About Us

Does your current website content, marketing content, or written communications make its mark in the cyber sky? Does it engage, persuade, delight, entertain, educate?
Maybe your words fly free in the great blue sky... or maybe they're stuck in the trees. If so that's where we come in.

Melody Bussey

We're Melody Bussey & Associates,a Florida based writing service, dedicated to giving your words the wings to fly, the heart to go to greater heights, and the know-how to deliver and do the job right the first time. We carefully craft content that not only represents our clients but makes us proud as well.

Think of a complete communications department, full of weaponized word ninjas, ready to do your bidding, take out boring content and replace it with optimized, witty, devastatingly dazzling content. Yeah... that would be us.

Do you need kickass website content, blog posts that entertain as well as sell? Do you need press releases, informative articles, educational design/content, television treatments, resumes that shine, brochures, and snappy biz cards, or more?

If you are a start-up, creative agency, enterprise company, or an individual with a great idea, we'd love to hear from you.No matter what industry you are in (or at all) we have the writers with the experience, vision, ability(who ooze so much talent we had to do away with carpet), to deliver your project well above expectations.

What We Do

Need quick copy on a minute’s notice? Have someone become ill and there’s a large presentation due? The holidays upon you and you need someone to step in to take care of editing, production, answer phones, engage your customers? We’re here to help! Call us today.


Ghost writing, web content, blogs, children’s books, fiction, new author support, book marketing, non-fiction, writing help, and creative coaching…we’re the go-to for creative ideas.

Small Business

Need Communications? Copywriting , web content, ghost-writing,ebooks, editing, brochures, marketing, materials, curriculum development,and more! Let us be your content and communications department.


Need to bolster the bottom line with quality writing? Large bulk orders are no problem. ONLY high quality writing, 100% original…just like us.

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